Week 7 – Repetition: A Deeper Exploration of Loops

This week I worked with the problems assigned rather than blindly chugging along as we have in weeks past as I did last week. I chose Try It Out  7-8 and 7-10.

Try It Out 7-8 starts with a shooter game that has a police car shooting at parrots flying across the stage. You accumulate points if you hit the red and blue birds and you end the game if you hit the green and yellow birds. I modded this by changing the theme to a military theme. I chose the E2C (the aircraft I flew in the navy) as the friendly craft and a Russian MIG-29 as the target craft going back to the Cold War days.

In addition to the military theme, additional modifications include altering the speeds of the aircraft to represent their speeds relative to each other and limiting the number of shots to 20 to make every shot count.  Click the screen shot below to go to the program.

7-8 modified

Try It Out 7-10 is at its root a physics exercise where a projectile describes a parabolic arc as it leaves the barrel of a cannon lofts and falls to the ground. I chose to have a little fun and have the cannon launching a chicken that is aimed toward a pot. if you his the pot you get a satisfying splash if not you get splat.

Both project were fun to work with… that said, I have always liked working a project from start to finish rather that modifying someone else’s work as it is difficult for me to get an idea of the way they think and implement stuff. Click the screenshot to go to the program.


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