First Post!!! Concentric Circles in Scratch


The assignment this week is to select two problems from chapters 2 and 3. For my first problem I chose one that looked challenging – Problem 8 in chapter 2, to duplicate a specific output that is shown in the book is shown in the first image. The second image is the modified code output. For this I arranged the rainbow colors outside in the longest wavelength to shortest… in the example image yellow is before orange, and I added a rainbow colored circle to finish the middle.

concentric_circles     ch2prob8-modified

The problem was fun to solve and complete. You may click the image to see the routine run on Scratch’s website.

The second problem I chose is Problem 2 in chapter 3. The code, wolf sprite with 3 costumes, and audio were provided with the problem being to synchronize the sound with the wolf transitioning through costumes so as to appear to be raising its head to howl then lowers it. My modification to this project uses a sunrise background and the wolf is crowing like a rooster.

howling_wolf    howling_wolf_modified

This one was also fun to work with as the timing could be adjusted enough to achieve reasonable results.


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